Important message:

The launch date for the fully-optimized and complete version of this website will be announced shortly.

The overall design and structure of the site, along with the value-added content and insight is all geared to provide an informative and interactive experience that will engage visitors and provide much more than just a portal for existing clients to access the details of their account. Its designed to be fully-responsive, insuring that each user experience remains consistent indifferent to the hardware visitors use to access the site (desktop, smartphone or tablet). The content will include both scheduled monthly, quarterly and annual summaries, along with information and insight on current events and topics effecting global markets.

I’m proud of the finished product and look forward to hearing and reading the feedback. It represents me and what I intend on having my practice offer; bottom-line results and value-added service.

The launch date for the website and my practice will coincide with the remaining state registration approvals that are currently pending.

To the right side of this page you’ll find the list that have already approved my registration.

“Soon” can’t occur soon enough.

I look forward to answering every question, discussing every detail of the past, every detail regarding the present and what my vision is for the future.

Soon my dear friends, very very soon.



Pete C. Marketos

Peter C. Marketos

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